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Corporate resumé

Tecmar International Inc. was established to represent North American pulp and paper mills in world markets. We have become a significant Canadian-based marketer of pulp and paper products with offices in The United States, Europe, Asia and South America.

Tecmar's main focus is on marketing prime containerboard grades used in the manufacture of corrugated cartons; such as, kraft linerboards, test linerboards, white top test linerboards, recycled and semi-chemical corrugating mediums (fluting), as well as chipboards, coated duplex and triplex boards, carrier boards and core boards.

To better serve our customers, Tecmar has expanded its product range to include the following paper grades:

  -      Sack Kraft
  -      One time carbonizing
  -      Grease resistant board for food
  -      L.W.C , Offset and Bond
  -      Newsprint

Tecmar produces value for its customers by :

  -      Providing financing and credit facilities for secure and quick payments to suppliers and flexible credit options for customers.
  -      Superior customer service with our highly-proficient customer service representatives.
  -      In-house transportation logistics and documentation.
  -      In-house freight forwarding service to provide favourable freight rates.

Our goal at Tecmar is to be a solution provider to our customers. If you are a manufacturer or a consumer of pulp and paper, Tecmar will search for ways to increase your profitability by offering custom-made solutions in product choice, price, financing and logistics.